The Last American Fan

ManRamI’m twenty one and can talk baseball with like three of my friends. It’s my second favorite sport, and talking about the NFL everyday of the off-season won’t fulfill me. Baseball is choking its fans, and has been, for years. There is absolutely no advertising for the league. The playoff games are so late that potential new fans are in bed on the East Coast. Down here, Turner’s contract with the Braves ran out, taking them off the TV every night (as well as the Marlins receiving seven to fifteen fans at home games). I assume some blame can be given to the region. We’re all about college football (which is another story). Bottom line, no one cares about baseball.

Usually, I hear from “sports fans” that baseball is boring.

MLB is twice as many games as NBA, ten times more than NFL. These guys are on SportsCenter every night, playing everyday of the summer. Quite simply, they become your friends. Adding in all the storylines makes baseball the most personal sport, with ease. Take the other two big sports and rival the last few years’ amazing headlines: Manny galvanizing LA, the Rockies’ unbelievable run, the FREAKING RAYS and the two-time champs from Boston that hadn’t won in almost ninety years.

The regular season halts this weekend to make way for the Mid-Summer Classic. Most of the big storylines get birthed right now; pennant chases and wild-card races are able to be envisioned. I’m so excited to see what the second half will bring. What Manny will do with the rest of his season. The subsequent starts of rookie pitchers like Price and Hanson. If Holliday gets moved. Whether Strasburg gets introduced. Whether or not the Mets will continue to suck. Where Halladay goes. How the Greatest Division in Sports (AL East) finishes. These are all foreseeable stories, and things I enjoy now. I’m sure there’ll be another PED abuser unveiled. A trade that happens that will hopefully topple a division. A team that gets unbelievably hot.

If you like sports, just try watching a game–or, even catching a “Baseball Tonight.”